Digital Marketing for the Ateneo MBA Student

I would like to share this slide from VCoach Bong De Ungria, Our Digital Marketing Mentor and Professor at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.   

My insights:

I would like to leverage on use of digital technology especially the ones that is fit to a hospitality and leisure industry. Moreover, I would like to learn more on what fits other industry such as retail, real estate and travel as this could be a different approach and different set of digital channels and content. I would like to stay relevant and to keep abreast of latest changes in social media analytics to understand the audience and target persona. It is just brilliant how companies can run like airb&b, Uber even without a single inventory that makes me realize that this hotel named Omena in the US runs without a single personnel or receptionist on site. How restaurants uses iPad in the table to order food and pay their bill without a waiter. I think this is the future of digital and many jobs will be given more importance like photographers, when in fact their skills were not maximized. The rising need for digital files to maximize business potential is rapidly increasing.

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