What’s Your ZYX?

This is my ZYX

Z = To grow and expand our business by applying strategic approaches that I have learned in MBA class and from the industry experts.

Y1 = To build an organization that will create jobs and a community that will contribute to the demands of tourism in our country.

Y2 = To aid in business development planning and implementation that will help the entire clan in building a sustainable hospitality and leisure business that can be passed on to the next generation.

X1 = Finish MBA and complete a thesis related to Hotels and Resorts by Jan 2018

X2 = Join Hotel and Resort forums, FB groups related to hotel and tourism and Summit and learn from the experts. Summits may also include Digital Expo, Business Summits and relevant seminars that may help in building a network that can addressing current issues of the business.

X3 = Continue to update myself in the latest trends in technology by adapting the new changes in digital landscape, update in business by watching the news and channels like Bloomberg regularly, hone human resource skills to be cost effective and build an organizational team that has a clear vision and mission.

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