12 Getting To Wow

Epilogue: Getting to Wow (Enjoy, Experience, Engage)

1. What is a “Wow”

There are 2 types of WOW. First of which is a “wow” that is surprising when you get more than it is expected. The second “wow” is personal that is only triggered by the person experiencing it. The businesses should not neglect the change to give a “WOW” experience to its guests. Wow is an expression that many people say when they see something that is out of the box, something extraordinary and something that exceptional, brilliant, overwhelming. Once a guest see something admirable that incredibly stands out from other services, they advocate and spread the good news. Brands need to design a WOW moment, the moment of truth that is superb and worth sharing. In Marketing 4.0 we should engage the 5A’s to deliver a WOW moment

2. Enjoy, Experience, Engage: Wow!

Resort guests should enjoy the moment, experience ordinary things done extraordinarily, and spread the news to others. This is definitely the wow factor.

Enjoy – The resort customize camping and outing packages.
Experience – Feel that they are family and that they are the first priority
Engage – Feel that they can do more to contribute to society and environment’s welfare. Spread the good news and feel QUALITY WORK LIFE THAT PROMOTE DIGNITY OF LIFE. This can happen when they are engaged to even participate in reef rehabilitation activities, a winner idea that will benefit people, planet and profit.

When we prioritize our guest, be a real, put value in our work, and contribute to society’s welfare blessings will follow. When an outing becomes a life changing transformation, it is when we touch lives, reunite long lost relationship, build a family, give experience that is memorable, address all anxieties and worries, people will go back and reminisce happy moments and share it to the world.

3. Are you ready to WOW?

OOBE or out of the box experiences can “wow” the guests by experiencing distributed pleasure method. The design is to give an exquisite experience from start to finish and this should loop and be worth blogging or vblogging. This does not stop here, From the moment guest hear about the brand a positive impression should be made to the way they research about the resort all write ups should be positive, it can be an impossible 100% positive but the management can work a way to address the negative write up, all digital channels may it be offline and offline should impress the guests. Effective communication, product knowledge and human to human interaction should also be admirable. Transactions should be smooth, there should be no gap between reservation systems that will irritate the guest. This can happen when there are double booking or when they arrive earlier than check in time. Automation can also be a solution. All digital channels should alight in their own specific goals and should be monitored for improvement of the strategy. Welcoming the guest should be flawless and most of all the “MOMENT OF TRUTH” should be exceptional, all online and offline ads, what has been said in the phone should be consistent with what they will actually get. They should be given value added services, e.g. additional banana leaf etc. escorting to the bus station etc. An effective management of operation is expected. Contingency planning should also be drafted for unexpected issues. Planning, Leading, Organizing and Controlling should be executed and as everyone continues to learn from mistakes, employees should have the right mind-set. Monitoring KPI and Promoting Loyalty programs to increase advocates should also be impeccable. Maximizing success is not solely focused on 7’S or strategies it also lies in moral and culture for overall brand health. When you are selling happiness, delight in this sunshine industry, all employees should be equipped with courtesy, inner happiness and love one another and love for the brand for this will definitely show in all their actions. Yes! We are ready to “WOW” because we are family and it should be felt in every possible way by our guests. “We reunite, build long term relationships”

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