Your name is your Brand! What is your Digital Footprint?

Have you tried googling for your name? If not, you should try it. It is interesting to know what comes out in google search.

Here is what came out when I searched for My last name – Astillero….

  • Spanish Wiki definition (Spanish communities)
  • Trip Advisor reviews 3.5 for family owned resort

Here is what came out when I search for My last name – Pamela Astillero….

  • My Facebook  Page
  • Condos matching with leads from own website (
  • Linked In Profile
  • You tube Channel created for the resort
  • Bloggers review of the business owned (earned media blog)
  • Resort Website
  • Google Plus account

Google and yahoo almost have same contents because content in yahoo is powered by google.  It is always recommended to google your name because it is your brand. Let say for a certain brand, “XBrand” you may check if there are negative review. Others say that you may type “XBrand sucks” to check if there are bad comments/reviews or some body actually said something like this about your brand. This may help you manage your online reputation.

Another  reason why your should google your name is to know what will come out when a new acquaintance  tries to search about you over the net. It will help you manage your digital footprints. 


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