Digital Disruption is a Human Thing by Steve Vamos

#WeConnect #TryFailLearn
Potential of people to learn these days is far better than before because information and source of information is accessible anytime and network connection is readily available, we have to use this opportunity to improve lives. Social interaction has become effortless, friends and relatives that are geographically apart can now be brought together, and technology has helped us to overcome the hindrance of time and space. We all need to help each other to create our own vision and we have to constantly question what we do. As part of the community and as managers we have to identify three bad things and three good things to be able to create value in our society. As leaders we should not be afraid to “try, fail and learn”. We have to stand by our friends, relatives, employees and help people in their journey. Encourage people to think why they think that way, why they behave that way. Understanding the mindset “Psycho-graphics” of people can help to bring about their great potentials.

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