Things That I have Learned from the Browser and Web

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…Many companies should continue to strive building online presence to increased awareness of their businesses to increase conversion ratios …Information and transacting online has became rampant and building a more secures network and programs are needed. 
…Apps are becoming a tool and a trend to aid the needs of different industries. 6 years ago Yoville and Farmville were the trend. 
…Our businesses should tap digital in our business because people connect through email, mobile and net and its a lot cheaper.
…Webpages became a lot easier to design using CSS and more functional with the birth of Ajax and our company took advantage of this. 
….Our businesses should continue to update our antivirus software to combat hacking, viruses and malicious softwares. To auto-update for latest security fixes and store malware in a sandbox. 
….Our business also became cautious on what to click, suspicious domains should be avoided and look for validation certificates. 
….Our business updated to a sophisticated browsers so that our videos can load faster. 
….Our business used Plugins to enhance websites like the ones used in wordpress or blogger. 
….People were now using Youtube to search for products and services. So there has to be Youtube visibility since its the 2nd largest search engine.
…..Our remote staff and outsourced human capital maximizes the use of google drive for their need to collaborate and share files. 
…. 6 years ago, there is a need to understand the rise of Algorithms like Panda and Penguin affected many companies search position to compete with others found in the net and so businesses should continue to update with the latest Algorithm. 
… Our business used Open source PHP in our websites to take advantage of community of IT experts collaborating to improve businesses and software.

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